Privacy Policy

How do we collect data?
We only obtain your data if you decide to share it with us, i.e. get on the guest list. We do not keep track of your behavior on our page.

What kind of data do Vegas2Vip collect?
Our team only keeps records of your name, surname, and mobile phone. If you are a group of people, we additionally ask for the number of males and females in your group, and their names and surnames. Also, you can give us your email in order to receive promotional mails, but that is optional. Other information or personal data, such as your social security number, home address, date of birth, is not needed. Anyhow, when you enter a specific club, you might be asked to show an ID in order to prove you are of legal age. Vegas2Vip is not connected to that, nor do we receive that information.

What do with do with the data?
After you have gotten on the guest list, one of our agents contacts you, explaining you everything in regards to the event you have chosen. We use your email for promotions. And your name and surname is used for the guest lists, so that is the only thing we forward to 3rd parties, in this case, the club’s management. We may share your data to a law enforcement body under exceptional circumstances. Other than that, we do not, under any circumstance, share any of your data with other organizations and/or individuals.

Who else can see your data?
No one. Only Vegas2Vip has acces to your data.